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ABOUT WAS : Milestone


Candidate Sourcing
The Benefits that You will Receive from Us
WAS will assist your business in achieving cost-effect manpower management, supporting your human resources operations. With a strong team of professional managers from varying industries, we have a profound understanding of our customers’ different needs. Additionally, we see the importance of continuous training in order to improve the diverse skillsets each role calls for so that one can efficiently contribute to the organization.


Dispatching is the procedure of assigning employees to customers in the manufacturing industry. We have a thorough production recruitment process that supports our clients’ varying business sectors. This includes both skilled and unskilled workers as well as those with specific expertise, such as forklift truck drivers, high-lift automobile drivers, welders, quality control staff and various others in accordance to the needs of the operators.


We offer outsourcing services to meet the comprehensive needs of different business sectors. In addition, we facilitate foreign investors in Thailand by providing manufacturing services to various companies in the automobile, electronics, construction, furniture, machinery and transportation sectors.



Executive Director

Executive Director

Executive Director

Executive Director


Going over 13 years of running our business through challenges and successes, now we have gained the trust of customers covering 9 provinces of Thailand. For World Asia Solution, we have received strong support from all parties involved, including customers. Shareholder, Executive Director manager and staff These are both proofs and important encouragements that drive us to operate smoothly today.

To continue on the path of further growth in the future, we have received information, forecasts from various sources, that The next period will be filled with challenges facing the business sector. May be affected both positively and negatively due to the trend of violent and rapid changes all around. Both natural, political, economic, social, cultural and technological. Of course, the employment service business will have a huge impact as well. For the next period of World Asia Solution, we will continue to transform the organization to continue the development of services that we have been working on for a while. reinforcing confidence Create stability for stakeholders of the company side by side the labor market to seek lasting success Our vision and values ​​for leadership are summarized below.

“Creating competitive advantages with customers and employees for a step towards To be the leader in labor services in Thailand. In the era of technology transfer to future Industry 4.0 ”

  • Right People
  • Right Time
  • Right Price
  • Right Future

We appreciate every business opportunity. Every Opportunity to Work Together World Asia Solution may not be the greatest company for everyone. Because what we want to be is the best business partner. Friends who are ready to make progress in the future with you. we will maintain quality Continuously develop service models Build business stability for the labor market in Thailand


WAS is World Asia Solution Company Limited, a subsidiary of Nikken Total Sourcing Company Limited.
Nikken Total Sourcing is a personnel service company for customers in each business area in Japan. taking into account the overall picture “value for business and workers” and Not only in Japan But there are also business expansions to foreign countries such as World Asia Solution Company Limited itself is also a business of providing personnel services as well.
The strong point is
Our strength is to apply all experiences in the service of personnel from Japan. Not for indirect administration But we focus on direct management, which is different from other owners. We recognize the diverse needs of our customers. In addition to the original services such as labor contracts outsourcing and personnel recruitment services We offer more comprehensive solution. which uses strengths in the management of the job site that we dedicate to each day
not just words But we promise to keep our promises by action. For the trust and increase of customers who accept us as a long-term partner. This is our current goal.

Growing as a company
company route It’s not a beautiful and smooth path. I think building that path to stay is a great mission for us.
For what reason? walking on the designated path and has been laid with all will be absorbed by the flow of time and the surrounding environment and still can’t beat the competition and unable to grow as a company To continue to grow and survive The path must be created through many trials and errors. and left that path In addition, creating new routes is important.

Employee Growth
For personnel service companies like us need to aim “Professionalism” in various aspects regarding personnel. For that purpose, I hope each employee will be able to think, find answers, solve problems and take responsibility for their own duties. Even if the problem is big But because of the problem, the human growth. Solving problems is tied to real talent. And that true talent will lead to the highest stability in life. Don’t be afraid of change Let’s try something new together. seize a good opportunity And let’s win together!

Mars, Incorporated

  • friend, friend who is a partner listeners and ready to understand our problems to find a solution together
  • Suggest things that we may not be good at and ready to support what we are doing to be successful.
  • Flexibility to work together and solve problems together as a true partner Because today, with the demands of business, agility comes with the readiness to adapt multiple ways. as a formula for success What worked in the past may not work for today. Both in terms of applying technology and communication tools to make communication within the team more thorough and clearer. Being a Solution provider with high Flexibility makes it meet the needs of today’s business very well.

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited

  • 1.1 It is a company with professional standards. and being fair to the unemployed
  • 2.1 There is a team of quality and experience. including modern management equipment

Customer feedback (Japanese)

  • Get fast support from HR staff Coordinator on the job site The interpersonal relationship of your staff is excellent. There is also a clear management plan. Information is shared with management. Even if there is a change or problem, I trust to leave the company to help cope if possible. I want to be a partner as a long-term partner.
  • WAS is a subsidiary of Nikken Total Sourcing in Japan, giving a distinctly Japanese-style management charm. It is a company that complies with the contract. and fulfill the promises made with us from past work This gives us confidence in WAS.


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